Yichun Customs Director and her delegation’s visit to Jiangte electric vehicle

Director of Yichun Customs Ms Wan Jing Meng,and Chief of operations Mr. He Xiaohua, and their delegation visited Jiangte Electric Vehicle Company. They mainly inspected the mobility scooters production . Manager of JJEV Mr. Lu, warmly received them.
Director of Yichun Customs Ms Wan Jing Meng and her delegation first came to the exhibition hall and watched the sample scooters ,learn about our mobility scooter features such as the limited speeds , electromagnetic brakes, swivel padded seats, gel chargeable batteries ,detachable frame provide mobility and travel for old people indoors and outdoors . Then they had an in-depth exchange in the conference room. Manager Mr.Lu first introduced the main industrial strategy of Jiangte Group who is the largest servo motor manufacturer in China and global large supplier of lithium carbonate and some situation of import and export products, and then focused on the development of the mobility scooters . During the meeting, Director Ms.Wan also asked about the capacity and orders status of mobility scooters, the epidemic impact on production and the status of imported materials,the situation of the mobility scooter industry etc. At the same time, we exchanged views on international trade and logistics situation.
After that, Director Ms.Wan and her delegation visited the assembly site of the scooter workshops, personally test-drove the scooters, highly speak of the product performance, high quality ,comfort and safety for elderly and the designs are also environmentally friendly .Finally she expects us to prosperously develop the scooters in the future. Manager Mr. Lu thanked for her praise and stressed that we would make steady progress with the support of the customs and local government!
We will also continue to build a harmonious society through value creation and achievement sharing!

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Post time: Jul-26-2022