Promoting rural revitalization with social responsibility in mind

Helping others is a virtue for the Chinese nation,charity is a public welfare undertakings.An enterprise will keep pace with the times by participating charity. It is our responsibility to accelerate the development of charity and to give back to the society.
A muddy road in Hehua Village, Hongtang Town, Yuanzhou District of Yichun city drew attentions from the leaders of Jiangte Group. The road had not been repaired and expanded because of short capital, the bad condition of the road seriously affected the travel of local villagers, which was also the trouble for village leaders. As 2022 New Year was approaching and the rain lasted a long period, the narrow road became more difficult to go through for the villagers . In December 2021, after learning about this, our company leaders organized a special meeting, discussed and decided to donate CNY 250,000 yuan including ten thousand from head office of Jiangte group and fifteen thousand from its branch company Yichun Lithium New Energy Co.,Ltd to help repair and widen the road to improve villagers’ life and travel. It was pleasing to see their smiles after the road was repaired.
We hope that rural life will become better and better, and the environment will become more and more beautiful. We should take the responsibility in mind to promote rural revitalization ,it is also a long term responsibility to reward our country and our society by caring for the poor people and increasing their income .Though this donation is only a slight part to get rid of poverty and towards a well-off society and there is still a long way to go, Jiangte group has played a role in promoting sustainable social development, and many hands make light work. We keep moving and making contribution.
In January 2022, the representative from Hehua Village expressed their sincere gratitude to the charitable donation by presenting a silk banner as an award.

Post time: Jul-26-2022