Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility

"Please wear masks and scan your travel code before your enter." In the morning of April, the wind is still slightly cold in spring. At this time, you can see the Colleagues from the security and environment Department and security Department wear masks and hold temperature guns to measure the temperature of staffs entering the company at 7 o 'clock every morning, at the gate of Jiangte Special Motor company,the head office of JIangte Group. And They repeatedly guide employees to enter the factory as required. In early March, the COVID-19 epidemic became severe, and the pressure of epidemic spreading was huge. CEO Mr.Liang and his assistant Mr. Zhou attached great importance to the prevention and control and managed effective prevention and control measures in time, and all departments responded to it positively. Mr.Luo, vice President and General Manager of Jiangxi Jiangte Special Motor company, also gave on-site guidance for many times to check the procedure of epidemic prevention and control. And the leaders especially stressed the importance of preventing and controlling against Coronavirus epidemic outbreak, requiring the personnel to wear masks and strictly take the temperature of every employee entering the company. It was a must that every employee enter the company with green travel code and normal body temperature. all suspicious suspected patients were prohibited to come in, any external hidden danger should be prevented.

Epidemic prevention and control concerns the safety and health of all staffs. At the same time, it is an action which everyone is responsible for and everyone participates in. "fighting against epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility."

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Besides, Jiangxi Jiangte Electric Vehicle Co.,Ltd disinfected every empty containers and trucks coming into the factory and workshops.

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The representatives from Yifeng Lithium company, one of Jiangte group branches, visited the staff who were on duty and working hard in epidemic prevention and control with their support and gifts.
With the spirit of anti-epidemic ,we believe that we can dispel the haze of the epidemic and win the battle against the epidemic.

Post time: Jul-26-2022